About Us

Who we are

In the challenging world of owning and managing ships with comprehensive services in every aspects of shipping, currently operating a fleet of 30 vessels including (7 Suezmax, 8 Aframax, 2 Panamax, 8 MR, 4 Handy product tankers and 1 small tanker).

We are a dynamic team of professionals who will utilize our technical expertise, market intelligence and a professional and personal approach, to provide you the best solutions for your needs. We pride ourselves on the strength of our contacts in the crucial commercial hubs and look forward to developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Impelled by the challenges and the desire to improve transportation service for Oil & Gas companies including Refineries, Oil Majors, Corporate oil trading companies alike, ELIZABETH OCEAN TANKERS is reaffirming the importance of accurate and timely information to all concerned with a transaction. ELIZABETH OCEAN TANKERS has set out to add new value to the processes of acquiring and owning customized vessels. Using a streamlined set of procedures and documentation, ELIZABETH OCEAN TANKERS significantly reduces communication time, protects the interests of their counterparts and helps close potential trade opportunities within a reasonable period.

ELIZABETH OCEAN TANKERS is dynamic in its approach so as to provide the best solutions to its clients in this constantly evolving global market.